Lake Bled: Europe’s hidden gem



For anyone that visits Lake Bled, there is a compulsory need to hike the muddy trails up to Osojnica viewpoint to the south of the lake. It was at this point that I experienced the most beautiful, natural scenery of Europe: perched on a bench overlooking the Julian Alps in the background with full picturesque view of the 2km-long lake. Even a camera of great quality does not begin to reflect the grace of the observation in person.


“If anyone tells you wine is bad for you, they are wrong.”


A sharp breeze at the apex soon cured a mild hangover from last nights €3 bottle of red wine, as well as a few gulps of water from the generous couple who I envied the sober state of. It was also the previous night that wine and I decided on a spontaneous trip to Pula, Croatia, accompanied by international backpackers. This being my first time travelling alone, I was outside my comfort zone and for that, as well as decisions in life thereafter, is why I chose to go with it. The result of the trip you ask? Simply, if anyone tells you wine is bad for you, they are wrong.



Four days in Bled gives you plenty of time to explore the local attractions including a compulsory row on the lake and visit to Church of the Assumption. When I visited, the man on the ticket admission box was on a toilet break saving me a few euros, unfortunately I cannot guarantee the same for you. Visitors ring the church bell three times and make a wish, of which is said to come true. I did the tradition and am still waiting.

Finish the day with a coffee and croissant in the local café for a mere €3, or head over to Park Hotel and try their signature Bled cake that was first baked in 1970.

Slovenia continues to be one of my favourite places and I would absolutely recommend it for some Summer adventure or a short break from reality.






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