Weekend in Paris

10945681_10152768884263043_3445902152417666277_n.jpgAfter enduring a 12 hour journey from Cardiff University to Paris and a cold greeting from flakes of snow, we were ready to depart the coach and settle in the hostel. One problem, “sorry, but the rooms aren’t available until 2pm”, it was 10am and with only 2 days to explore the city no time could be wasted.

Our first stop was the Sacre-Coeur cathedral that we reached after climbing 300 narrow steps – they really are the worst kind of steps to walk! As it was only one week after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, people were still in shock and security on high alert. What would usually be full of tourists, was equally filled with people praying. I wrote a ‘prayer of peace’ placed it in the glass container amongst the thousands of other notes and left for the view outside. If you ever visit Paris (it is a must after all) be sure to appreciate the panoramic view from the balcony to the entrance of the cathedral.



Further into the heart of the city we ticked off the Notre Dame after a long wait in the queue, then returned to the city later in the evening to observe the Eiffel Tower glitter at midnight. If you’re dreaming of being proposed to by the infamous structure, believe it will come true, I’ve seen it first hand in the queue for crepes and coffee. To make their night even more memorable I ran over and gave the woman my rose that I had been freely given. I know, so cute!

The next day consisted of climbing more stairs inside Arc de Triomphe, a cheeky selfie with Mona and a bar crawl ending in the Moulin Rouge club. Romantic the weekend was not, but beautiful Paris is.



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