New York Budget Guide

Enjoy the highlights of New York for less with these hidden secrets
to exploring the city for cheap.



1. See the Skyline

Avoid the queue at the Empire State Building and head to a cocktail bar in the early evening to watch the sun go down over Manhattan. Enjoy the starlit view of the city and a few mojitos while relaxing in a rooftop bar after a day of being caught in the rush of New York.

2. Times Square

Perch on the big red steps in the centre of Times Square to observe ‘consumer central’. After a few photos and the compulsory selfie, put the phone away and take in the enormity of its bright lights and the grand scale of everything around you. It would appear the sun never sets here.


3. Statue of Liberty

Board onto one of 109 daily ferry trips from Whitehall Street in lower Manhattan to Staten Island. The FREE journey passes Ellis Island and Liberty herself giving you a great view to appreciate the significance of the 151 ft statue. Click for ferry timings.

4. American Museum of Natural History

Ever wanted to see how big a dinosaur really is? Head to the edge of central park where America’s Museum of Natural History is situated and donate however little or much you like. The standard prices are $22 for adults and $17 for students, but if accommodation has rinsed most of your money staying in NYC, a small donation will sure be appreciated.


5. Central Park stroll and ice-skate

Make the most of being uptown and clear your head with a stroll through Central Park in the heat of Summer or the Autumn breeze. If you’re lucky enough to visit in the December countdown to Christmas spend an hour or two ice-skating for just $11 . This is one place that you can escape city life and get lost in the woods by the lake, or worse, fall down a rabbit hole and join the tea party…






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