St Patrick’s in Dublin

After visiting the one location that defines all expectations of Christmas, New York City, I decided that I wanted my future travels to highlight the culture and social atmosphere of each country. New York was incredible at Christmas and expectations were certainly exceeded, but I came to realise that I never took full advantage of what was on my door step. With flights as cheap as £39 return from Bristol airport, I decided that Dublin would be on 2016’s list of travel adventures and what better time to visit than in the height of St Patrick’s Day celebrations?

What was originally planned as a solo trip, turned into a Guinness hunt with some of my best friends. Having arrived a day early there was plenty of time to sight see and tick off the compulsory tasting session at the Guinness Storehouse, where some of the fondest memories emerged… Yes, I got dragged into Irish dancing.



As a pretty organised and avid traveller, I had researched pub crawls and top locations to celebrate in style on 17th March. So after watching the 2016 futuristic themed parade of ‘Imagine If’ we were brisk to grab a Guinness or two (or was it three?) as the pubs opened after midday. The ruling of no pubs opening before this time ensured minimal day drinking and encouraged sober behaviour before the parade finished – of course this did not stop the madness of the evening.

What started as a fairly successful pub crawl on O’Connell street, live music and my best Irish dancing in a favourite bar, Porterhouse, ended with four English girls trekking in circles around Dublin for an hour. I can assure you now, the joyful celebrations soon diminished after being wrongly directed three times, only to find out that the bar we were seeking was closed down! Someone hand me another Guinness…



A day of recovering and evening flight home gave plenty of time to reflect on the adventures of “Charlie’s Angels” (the acknowledgement received upon walking into a Dublin bar dressed up for pub grub) and even looking back now, it will remain one of the fondest memories with the best of university friends. But just in case you’re inspired to go yourself, perhaps a few tips below may help:

1. Book flights and hotels as early as possible

2. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time, but it certainly helps when you’ve been lost for an hour

3. The pubs will be very busy, but it gives an even better excuse to meet people from all over the world

4. Embrace the Irish spirit and wear something green

5. Sing and dance along to traditional live Irish music – We’re talking about The Dubliners, Wild Rover and every girls favourite, Steve Earle’s Galway Girl



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