What’s in Ellie’s Backpack?

Whether you’re hostelling your way through Europe, discovering the temples of South-East Asia, or backpacking your way 6000 miles across Canada, here are some top tips and a packing list of items that in hindsight, you’ll thank yourself for taking. Scroll down to see what I’ll be surviving 8 weeks in Canada and a week in Hawaii with!

Depending on which country you’re exploring at what time of year, the weather and length of your duration should be considered for each individual case. Just remember, you can only wear one outfit at a time! Swap the going out dress and heels for an extra pair of shorts and trainers – you really won’t miss them!

The Towel
If there’s one item you buy in 2016 make it a microfiber travel towel. It is an absolute blessing! Not only is it easy to compact into its very own zip-up bag, but it’s ultra light weight (235 grams) and takes half the time to dry, as well as half the space in your bag!

Canoe Bags
It’s only took 6 years of Ten Tors and DofE expeditions to invest in these great pieces of equipment! No longer will I struggle to find my shampoo or underwear in a 60 litre back pack, thanks to these waterproof bags that are renowned for their durability. If, like myself, you’re worried about paying a lot of money for them try Sports Direct or Amazon online, where a large bag averages £6.99.


In Ellie’s Backpack:

3 Tops
1 Cardigan
2 Playsuits
1 University sports hoody (of course!)
2 Sports t-shirts
1 Waterproof coat
1 Gillet (optional)

2 Pairs of shorts
1 Pair of jeans
3 Sports shorts/ leggings
1 ‘Gap Yaaah’ trousers

Shampoo and Conditioner (miniature)
Shower gel
Toothbrush and Paste
Tweezers and Nail clippers
First aid kit
Hair brush
Travel towel (Microfiber)
Walking boots (Recommended Vibram sole)
Trainers and flip flops
Water bottle
Travel pillow
Day bag/ rucksack

Don’t forget!
Insurance documents
Travel laptop (for blogging)
Travel adapter





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