Let me show you the world

I want to tell you about the world. About this amazing and beautiful world that so many have yet to explore.

There is a place where fresh green islands float atop a reflective coat of ocean. It is a place where an urban city-scape naively prides itself on towering buildings, in contrast to nature’s true beauty in the distance where snow-peaked mountain tops dominate.

vanThis place is called Vancouver.

There is another place. It is an island famed by the movies and is as much a paradise as you and I ever dreamed. All those pictures of palm trees arching over a gold dust beach, while the sunset kisses the distant ocean. It is true, I have seen it with my own eyes.


This is a place named Hawaii.

Meandering rivers dotted with gondolas and a maze of alleyways fill with love and memories from the past. It is a place difficult to immerse oneself in when wounds are fresh. This is a place I like to keep in distant memory and it is called Venice.


There is a place full of fear and thrill that lay furthest south of anywhere I have ever explored. It has chill in the wind and humidity in its depth of the rainforest. It even has death stare back at you if you are daring enough to peer over the edge. An average of 300 people per year die travelling along the ‘world’s most dangerous’ and it is named Yungas Road.


Known only to explorers is a fairy tale landscape shaped by soaring trees. It is found only on a path hidden away from the regular tourist who would rather take the sky-tram than a 1,300 metre altitude hike through the forest. It is a treasured adventure of mine while alone. Unlike other places it is not definitive, but the perfect view can be found approximately half way up Whistler Mountain.

This place is called Jasper and is the heart between provinces of the West Coast Canada.


At the other side of the world stands a place known by all for its overpowering glory. A mountain range that fascinates most and is attempted by few: the Himalayas. It is a place where women are strong and carry 30kg rocks in doko baskets up several hundred steps to earn what Westerners would consider pennies worth. It is one of my favourite places in the world, made even more special by its generous people. It is a place named Nepal.


This is the world through my eyes. There are many eyes that have seen more and even more eyes that have seen less. So I urge you with all my will to go and see this beautiful world we are all so lucky to live in. Start with what’s around you and venture out from there.


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